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Own your city

Landlord is location based, real world property game that allows you to buy venues you visit and then earn rent as people check in at those properties in real time!


Wherever you are, you will find venues to buy.

There are 50 million properties around the world.

Build a portfolio of the best locations and increase your empire value.


When people check-in at your venues in real life you will earn rent. If your venue is not popular you should sell it because you must pay property costs every day. You don't want to ruin your empire and become bankrupt.

Buy locally and sell on the marketplace

Want to be the owner of Times Square but live in London? Go to the marketplace and search for worldwide properties for sale by other players. Remember that there is a limit of good properties, so if you see something popular, don't hesitate - just buy!

Compete with other landlords worldwide

Want to know how good you are? Compare your portfolio with other players. You can compete with friends, people from your country, or global Landlords!

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